David Ortiz: “NFL (bleeped) up” on Brady suspension


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If you’ve tuned into the sports world in the last few days, then you’ve undoubtedly heard about the NFL’s suspension of star quarterback Tom Brady. Brady, who was accused of being part of the “deflate gate” scandal, in which the Patriots supposedly deflated footballs to gain an advantage, was given a four-game suspension to start the 2015 season.

Red Sox slugger David Ortiz has been a big Brady supporter for a long time. Just a few months ago, Ortiz was reminded that Brady, who won his fourth championship last season, is now one ring ahead of Big Papi. According to boston.com, Ortiz responded by saying that he was well aware, and was going to use it as motivation for the coming season. He even said that he went out of his way to watch Brady in the Superbowl, despite the fact that they don’t watch much football in the Dominican.

"“I’m very happy and proud of the Patriots plus my man Brady,” Ortiz said, in referencing the Patriots’ Superbowl victory. “That was pretty awesome.”"

With the recent accusations against Brady, Ortiz is far less happy.

Big Papi is no rookie to being accused of something with a lack of evidence, and he made it clear that he supports his hometown quarterback.

Ortiz joins many of Brady’s current and former teammates, who believe the NFL has made a huge mistake in suspending Brady. Also behind Brady are less-expected characters such as Eli Manning and Donald Trump, per NESN.com.

Do you agree with David Ortiz?