Red Sox Series Preview: @ Oakland Athletics

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Pitching Matchups @ Athletics ( Coliseum):

May 11th @ 10:05 PM ET

  • Rick Porcello (3-2, 4.38 ERA) vs. Scott Kazmir (2-1, 2.75 ERA)
  • This matchup looks to be a very interesting one, after recent starts for both men. After a slow start to the season, Porcello has only allowed a run in 14 innings of work, 7 innings in each of the last two appearances. He has 12 strikeouts in that span. Kazmir, formerly of the Tampa Bay Rays, the Red Sox division rival, had a great start to 2015; however, in his last 2 starts, Kazmir has allowed 9 runs in 12 innings. Each appearance lasted 6 innings for the lefty starter. Which performance will each man have on the mound tonight?

May 12th @ 10:05 PM ET

  • Justin Masterson (2-1, 5.18 ERA) vs. Drew Pomeranz (1-3, 5.12 ERA)
  • Much like tonight’s matchup, this head-to-head also has much in terms of possibilities and interest. Both men get touched up by opposing bats, as the lefty Pomeranz was hit 11 times in 9.2 innings, recently, while the righty Masterson was hit 13 times in his last 10.1 innings. Both men bleed runs, as well, due to the ball being put in play, often. Who will survive longer than the other man?

May 13th @ 10:05 PM ET

  • Wade Miley (1-4, 6.91 ERA) vs. Sonny Gray (4-0, 1.65 ERA)
  • Be afraid, Red Sox Nation. Be very afraid. It will likely be a sunny day in Oakland, but there also will be rain clouds over the heads of every Red Sox fan, that night. In home games, the righty Gray is almost untouchable this season, with a 1.16 ERA in Coliseum. The only reason why his ERA is more than that is when he gave up 4 runs at the home of the Kansas City Royals, back on April 17th. Gray has only given up 9 total runs this season, while striking out 44 opposing batters. Other teams have only hit .194 as a batting average against Gray, making him a true ‘ace’ on the mound.
  • Miley, on the other hand, has had his lefty arm touched up for 22 runs, this season. Opposing teams are hitting .286 against him, and they earned 7 runs in his last two appearances. On grass, Miley’s ERA balloons at 9.53, while having an overall 5.59 ERA on away games. Unless the Red Sox bats solve the Gray code, it should be lights out for Boston.