Red Sox Fan Poll: Who should be in the Red Sox Franchise Four?

facebooktwitterreddit has created their own version of the famous Mt. Rushmore (a humorous version) type debate, the Franchise Four, which allows fans to select their four best players in team history. Some players like long-time veteran stars Nolan Ryan and Randy Johnson are even on multiple ballots. If you want a spoiler, you can see who the current leaders of the vote are. I disagree with the names on the Red Sox official ballot.   Here I will offer four alternative choices of players current fans most likely saw play and think deserve a place in the pantheon of Red Sox history.  Covering back to the first Red Sox teams, when they were still called the Boston Americans, Cy Young is listed as one of the choices, which I think is not the best one in terms of the Red Sox franchise. Though Young is tied with Roger Clemens (192) for Red Sox wins, Clemens should be the one on the ballot, whatever you think of his steroid history. Usually, I am one for keeping him out of the Hall of Fame itself, but his success in his era with the Red Sox (four playoff appearances) which was prior to his supposed use of PEDs cannot be denied. Clemens is not in the Hall of Fame, yet the team has not issued the number again since his departure in 1996, saying all you need to know of how he is still thought of in the organization. Nomar Garciaparra should be a choice for the success he had in a Red Sox uniform, leading them to consecutive playoff appearances (in 1998 and 1999) for the first time since 1916. He notched at least 190 hits in all six full years in a Red Sox uniform. His ranks in team history: fourth in batting average, fifth in slugging percentage and sixth in OPS. His .323/.370/.523 batting line for the Red Sox is elite by any system of categorization. Nomar was a two time batting champion, Rookie of the Year, and five-time All-Star in Boston. Wade Boggs is a Hall of Famer. He achieved the 3000 hit milestone on a somewhat rare home run with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. He is second in team history with a .338 batting average, and remarkably led the league in intentional walks his last six years in Boston. The fact that the team continues to give out his number (Brock Holt currently wears it) which is  likely a jab for his going to join the Yankees after he left Boston.

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Jason Varitek

someday will be elected to the Red Sox Hall of Fame. He won two rings with the team and wore a “C” on his chest for the latter years of his career. Varitek caught a team-record 1488 games, and four no-hitters (a major league record). He did not need a “C” on his chest for fans to know he was a team leader. He is 11th in team history in home runs with 193, most by a catcher, and tenth in games played. Varitek’s place in team history is big enough to warrant consideration for a Franchise Four nomination. Let your voice be heard on who you think should be on the ballot below. Then, you can go to the above official ballot link to write-in your choice.