Red Sox to rest David Ortiz a few days due to dehydration


Someone get David Ortiz a bottle of Gatorade. The Boston Red Sox slugger will be sidelined for the next few days as he recovers from dehydration.

Manager John Farrell explained that the warm Florida weather has taken a toll on some of the players, reports ESPNBoston’s Gordon Edes.

"“There’s been a little bit of fatigue,” said Farrell. “We’re looking to give a bit of a blow to some of the guys. David is one of them. The last couple of days we’ve had guys come out with cramps. We’ve got to be careful that we don’t overload them at this point in time.“I know it might sound a little crazy, but the intensity we’re going at in the morning, guys are putting in very good work, we’ve got to monitor and back off when needed. We’re backing off [Ortiz] a few days.”"

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Red Sox players won’t get much sympathy from their fans at home when it comes to their struggles with the scorching heat. Not when we’re still suffering from blistering cold temperatures here in Boston, but that won’t stop the manager from backing off when he sees fit. Farrell is wise not to push his players too much this spring – especially when it comes to the 39-year old Ortiz. Dehydration and fatigue can lead to injuries if they aren’t cautious, so Farrell is merely prioritizing the health of his players.

A veteran with Ortiz’s experience doesn’t need many more at-bats to be ready for Opening Day. His spot in the lineup is secure, so holding him out of the lineup for a few days comes with the added benefit of giving extra playing time to younger players battling for a roster spot or looking to make an impression.

With over 50 players remaining in camp, the Red Sox have plenty of options to fill in for Ortiz. In the meantime, Big Papi needs to rest up and drink plenty of fluids so that he can prepare to start the season strong.