Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz speaks on phone hack


Clay Buchholz is no stranger to the pitfalls of fame.

After his phone was hacked last October, explicit pictures of the Red Sox starter’s wife, Lindsay Clubine, were leaked online.

Finally speaking on the issue to on Tuesday, Buchholz revealed that he and his wife attempted to take legal action after the hack. Unfortunately, because the hack originated in the Netherlands and laws there make it tricky to prosecute the criminals, justice would not come easily.

“They just told us there wasn’t a lot we could do,” Buchholz said of the frustrating situation. “It was crazy. It is what it is. It was one of those things, if we could have prosecuted, we would have prosecuted.”

“Lindsay was pretty shaken up,” Buchholz said of his wife. “I just told her to try and forget about it. Everybody knows stuff happens. That’s my wife and it’s our business, but at the same time people are going to use you for whatever they can.”

In the days following the incident, Clubine, a former “Deal or No Deal” suitcase model, told TMZ: “This is a terrible crime. I have my attorneys removing the pictures. This is very upsetting to my family and I.”

“It was pretty shocking,” Buchholz continued. “There were multiple other people that it happened to, obviously.” Among those other people were Detroit Tigers pitcher, Justin Verlander, and his girlfriend, model Kate Upton.

Buchholz says since he and Clubine cannot seek legal justice for the crime, they have resolved to simply move on with their lives. “I’m definitely more careful,” Buchholz said. “It’s just as simple as you dropping your phone and losing it, and somebody guessing your password. I try to try and keep everything secure as possible.”

As the likely Opening Day starter and de facto ace for Boston, hopefully Buchholz can avoid any other distractions and focus on doing his job.