Red Sox fans in need of hot Spring Training


The weather this winter has been brutal in New England. Record snowfall and arctic temperatures have chilled Red Sox fans to the core. There is nothing that most of us would like more than a trip to somewhere warm.

It is no surprise then that Sox fans on Twitter erupted with glee the other day when word got out that Jackie Bradley Jr. had arrived at Fort Myers. He was shortly followed by eight other players. And Red Sox nation rejoiced!

Pretty soon we will be able to turn away from our snow-covered windows and look at photos of our favorite players with palm trees in the background instead. Mixed in with the awful weather reports there will be recaps of our boys’ performances in Spring Training games.

Some lucky Red Sox fans will be able to make the trip down to sunny Florida to see the games in person. (Tickets are still on sale from Those of us still stuck in this winter wasteland will just have to live vicariously through them.

While Spring Training games don’t technically count, they are crucial for players and fans. The players need to work off a few months’ worth of rust and get back in the swing of things (terrible pun intended). The fans also get an opportunity to start flexing their cheering muscles, warming up the region of the brain that performs statistical analysis, and sharpening their debate skills for the inevitable arguments with Yankee fans.

If you haven’t already committed the Spring Training schedule to memory, it can be found here. While we wait for the games to start, make sure you’re prepared for the regular season with the downloadable schedule. And, of course, keeping checking back with us at BoSoxInjection for Spring Training and regular season coverage.

Play ball!