25 in 25: Xander Bogaerts


Yesterday BoSoxInjection kicked off our second annual 25 in 25 series by profiling Mookie Betts. Next in the line up is Xander Bogaerts.


He debuted with the Sox in 2013 and he played all of 2014 in the big leagues. His .240 batting average wasn’t making headlines, but it wasn’t a complete let down. Watching him hit in the gap  was very enjoyable for the fans. It’s never not entertaining to see him speed around the bases with very few mistakes. He batted .240 with 12 home runs and 46 RBI. In August he struggled, batting just .123 in 21 games. In September, however, he hit .313 in 24 games. This inconsistency wasn’t totally shocking coming from such a young player.


Xander will be 22 when the 2015 season starts. He is still young which means he’s still learning and growing. This could be the year he really makes his mark. In order to do that he will need to turn up the volume on all of his skills. His focus should improve in order to reduce the mistakes and to improve his decision making. His throwing could be better. It’s no secret that the Red Sox pitching rotation leaves some fans feeling worried. It would help everyone if there was a mature, stable Xander in the infield to help the defense.

During the 2014 season he played shortstop and third base. Currently the Red Sox list three third basemen but Xander as the only shortstop. It seems unlikely that he will see much time at third in 2015. Perhaps settling into one position will help his development.

Wherever he plays on the field or in the lineup, it will be an important season for Xander. It’s his chance to prove he has matured and he’s ready to be a major league player.