Globe Red Sox writer Pete Abraham and Rich Eisen spar on Twitter


On something of a slow news day where the Red Sox are concerned, Boston Globe Red Sox beat writer weighed in on the reduction of the Detroit Lions’ Ndomukong Suh’s suspension for Sunday’s playoff game vs. the Dallas Cowboys.

Those of you of the younger generation might not know who Benny Hill (famous for his theme song in which a chase was typically occurring) was so here is an example of his work.

This would not ordinarily be news, but the NFL Network’s Rich Eisen (formerly of ESPN) chimed in for his league in response.

@PeteAbe and MLB appeals don’t have the same soundtrack? Pretty high horse you’re riding, Pete! — Rich Eisen(@richeisen) December 30, 2014

If you thought there might be some deference to a fellow media member, none was coming from Abraham

@richeisen MLB has a decent track record of consistency with their discipline. Hard to say that for the NFL of late.

— Pete Abraham (@PeteAbe) December 30, 2014

Considering last year’s dustups with David Price and his avoidance of suspensions despite hitting people admittedly on purpose, Abraham might be on some shaky ground. Perhaps when the next mystifying baseball suspension comes down, Pete Abraham will be the one able to explain it.