BSI Roundtable: Who should win MVP?


With the announcement of the two league MVP Awards scheduled for later today, we asked our writers: who should win the MVP Award?

Rick McNair: Mike Trout and Jonathan Lucroy

AL: Mike Trout. After two years he gets the award. The Angels had a real productive season and the most consistent factor was Trout. Trout is now the poster child for the five-tool player. If I have to dig out a negative it would be the 184 K’s. Otherwise Trout pops up in the top tier of the AL leader board in almost every offensive category. How many more will he get?

NL: Not much to really choose from so I expect Clayton Kershaw to sneak in with a double win as CY and MVP, but my vote is from the anti-pitcher view and it goes to catcher Jonathan Lucroy of the Brewers. A nice slash of .301/.373/.465 with a league leading 53 doubles tossed in. Lucroy caught 136 games and is no Yadier Molina defensively, but no one really is. The best thing is the Brewers have Lucroy locked up for three more seasons at cheap (for baseball) money.

Drew Peabody: Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw

AL: Mike Trout. He actually had a worse year this year than last year, but he is still the best player in the league, pounding 36 homers and leading the league with 111 RBI, 115 runs (for the third straight year) and, strangely enough, strikeouts. He also had a .948 OPS. His stolen bases were down to 16, which will likely continue now that he has reached the ripe old age of 23. The Angels making the playoffs for the first time in his career should put him over the top with ease.

NL: Clayton Kershaw: Once in a while a pitcher has such a tremendous year and he has such value that he should win the award even though he doesn’t play every day. Though he played in only 27 games, few players had a greater effect on his team. The Dodgers were 23-4 when he started and 71-64 when he didn’t. This will also give me a chance to say that Pedro Martinez was absolutely robbed of the MVP in 2000. Two writers left him off their ballot, even though he led the AL by two runs in ERA. End of rant. If some writers won’t vote for a pitcher, the award will go to Giancarlo Stanton. Stanton carried the Marlins to remain in contention despite losing their ace Jose Fernandez for the year after eight starts.

Joe Meehan: Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw

AL: It shouldn’t be all that close of a vote in the AL, as I expect Trout to run away with the first place votes. Jose Abreu, Victor Martinez and Michael Brantley should each receive some consideration for their work, but none can seriously challenge Trout. The impact that Trout has on a game, both offensively and defensively, can’t be matched by anyone else in the league. And to think that he’s only 23. It’s a frightening realization for the rest of the AL.

NL: The NL MVP has to be Kershaw. As Drew pointed out, the Dodgers were 23-4 in games he started and only 71-64 when he didn’t. As I mentioned yesterday in his Cy Young write-up, without him the Dodgers likely don’t make the postseason. Knowing that you are going to win every fifth day is a luxury that only the Dodgers own, making Kershaw the MVP.