Reports: Red Sox on Cole Hamels’ no-trade list


According to Ken Rosenthal, the Red Sox are one of the 20 teams on Cole Hamels‘ no-trade list. This does not mean that Hamels wouldn’t accept a deal to the Sox, but it does likely mean that he’d want them to pick up his 2019 option before being dealt.

Hamels is already owed $96 million over the next four seasons. Picking up the 2019 option would turn that into five years, $116 million.

This report comes following a CSNPhilly report that the Phillies are seeking at least three top prospects, two that are major league ready and one that isn’t far off, in return for Hamels.

If both reports are true, this may mean the Red Sox are out of the Hamels sweepstakes. Hamels was coveted because his deal fit into the Red Sox philosophy on long-term deals with pitchers. With the fifth year now likely added, giving up top prospects for a contract they are uncomfortable with seems unlikely when they can sign Jon Lester or James Shields for similar deals without giving away the farm.

However, nothing can be officially ruled out, as the Red Sox are hungry to get back to contender status, and a pitcher like Hamels, especially if Lester or Shields signs elsewhere, can be a valuable commodity on a championship team.

The offseason is getting started and the reports are going to be flying. Buckle up.