BSI roundtable: who are the Rookies of the Year?


The big-time MLB awards are scheduled to be announced this week, starting today with the Rookies of the Year. Here at BoSox Injection, we aim to predict the winners of these awards and that starts with today’s AL and NL Rookie of the Year Awards. Without any further ado, we asked the BSI staff who will be the Rookies of the Year?

Conor Duffy: Jacob deGrom and Jose Abreu

DeGrom came out of nowhere to grab a slot in the Mets’ rotation this season and he ran with it. In 22 starts for the Mets, the 26 year-old rookie posted a stingy 2.69 ERA to go with similarly excellent peripherals such as 2.8 BB/9, 9.2 K/9, and a 2.67 FIP that’s remarkably close to his ERA. After such a strong season, deGrom should be a near-lock for the NL Rookie of the Year and looks like he should be able to play a key role in the Mets’ rotation for years to come.

While deGrom is a near-lock to win the award, however, the American League version, featuring Jose Abreu, should be unanimous. As a 27 year-out signed by the White Sox out of Cuba, Abreu has already marked himself as one of the most feared sluggers in the game. He slashed a monstrous .317/.383/.581, leading the league in slugging percentage and OPS+ en route to an All-Star berth and a Silver Slugger Award. Expect him to add Rookie of the Year to that already-impressive resume.

Rick McNair: Jacob deGrom and Jose Abreu

Jacob deGrom of the NY Mets. Where did this guy come from? There was nothing in deGrom’s past that gave a clue he would be the pitcher he was for the Mets. After going 4-0 for Las Vegas deGrom was put into the Mets rotation and went 9-6 is 22 starts. Tack on a 2.69 ERA, a 1.14 WHIP and a SO/BB of 3.35 and that is a very nice line. The downside is not a full season. I’d like to have picked Billy Hamilton but was disappointed in his OBP of .292, .250 average and 34 walks and 117 K’s, which is not what you want from a lead off guy. Hamilton’s speed was also negated by leading the league in caught stealing.

Abreu is a rookie who is not really a rookie after playing high level Cuban and international ball. What is an absolute is a .317 average, OPS of .964, 36 home runs and 107 RBI. Abreu will not be unanimous as a few will consider Matt Shoemaker the “true rookie.”

Joe Meehan: Billy Hamilton and Jose Abreu

Despite his late season fade, I’m going to go with Hamilton. He was a difference maker at the top of the Reds lineup, compiling 56 stolen bases on the season. If he can get on base more consistently and become a better base runner, he could approach 100 stolen bases in one of the coming seasons.

Probably the easiest award to give out this season. Abreu took the league by storm, batting .317 with 36 home runs and 107 RBI. Those are MVP worthy numbers that no other rookie even came close to approaching.

Drew Peabody: Jacob deGrom and Jose Abreu

Billy Hamilton was my pick early in August, but he had a terrible second half, only slashing .200/ .254/.257 in the second half, including just a .123 batting
average in September.  The decline in his BABIP had something to do
with it also .338 in first half down to ,.253 in the second.  Perhaps
he wore down as the season went on, or the league figured him out
somewhat.  deGrom dominated in the second half, after many of his
opponents likely had already seen him, posting a 1.99 ERA over his
last 15 starts.  deGrom posted a 2.69 ERA for the season with 144
strikeouts in 140 innings.  Granted, there are two halves of the
season, but it is more impressive to me to excel in the second half.
For that reason, deGrom should get the award.

Despite missing 15 games, Abreu finished fourth in homers (36) and fifth in RBI (109).  He was three time Rookie of the Month and posted a .964 OPS while winning the Silver Slugger at 1B.  If you are someone who doesn’t think guys who played elsewhere (Cuba, in this case) should be eligible for it
(Ichiro Suzuki was one of those), the award should go to Dellin
Betances.  The hulking, fireballing righty struck out 135 in 90
innings while allowing a stingy 1.40 ERA.  While Matt Shoemaker’s
16-4, 3.07 was also impressive, Betances was more of a dominating