Why bringing David Ross back makes sense


David Ross has only spent two seasons in a Red Sox uniform; however, he has been a major part of this Red Sox team.  While predominately filling the role of backup catcher, backing up Jarrod Saltalamacchia in 2013 and A.J. Pierzynski along with Christian Vazquez in 2014, David Ross makes his presence and role known for what he provides in the clubhouse and his knowledge of the game. In 86 career regular season games with the Red Sox, Ross has only compiled a meager .197/.276/.374 while hitting 11 HR’s and driving in only 25 runs.  With these poor numbers along with his age (Ross is currently 37 years old), one typically wouldn’t be so quick to bring back such a player.  However, when it comes to Ross, his value to a ballclub, and in this case, the Red Sox, goes beyond what he does with regards to production at the plate.

David Ross is regarded as one of the most respectable players in the game of baseball due to his very strong work ethic, how he attacks the game, and how he presents himself.  Being the veteran he is, Ross has gained substantial knowledge of the game of baseball and is always working with pitchers to help their game as much as he can.  This includes studying scouting reports, watching video, and communicating with fellow players and coaches.  Ross is always open and completely willing to share his knowledge with teammates, making him the perfect person to have around not only a young pitching staff but an up-and-coming catcher.

The Red Sox appear set to go with backstop Christian Vazquez as their everyday catcher in the 2015 season.  Vazquez has risen through the Red Sox farm system, making his major league debut during the 2014 season.  While Vazquez’ bat needs polishing a bit, defensively he is more than ready and capable of playing everyday in the big leagues.  Being a young catcher at only 24-years old and in the beginning stages of being an everyday major league player, Ross is the perfect person to bring back and keep around to continue to work with and groom Vazquez.  During the 2014 season when Vazquez was called up, Ross worked with Vazquez and Vazquez on more than one occasion was more than appreciative of what Ross had to offer.  There is no secret Vazquez has a cannon behind the plate and strong defensive skills and his bat should continue to polish a bit more.  However, continuing to work with someone like Ross and having him as a mentor, Vazquez could further enhance his skills behind the plate such as pitch calling abilities, understanding hitters even further, and most importantly, gaining the trust of his own pitchers.