Movember: The best mustaches in Boston Red Sox history

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Bill Buckner

Buckner may not be in the Hall of Fame, like the man he was traded for (Eckersley), but his mustache is certainly worthy of induction. Also relevant to the conversation are his 2,715 career hits and the fact he won the 1980 NL batting title with the Cubs. Buckner clocked 85 doubles, hit 34 homers, and drove in 212 runs over a two-year span (1985-86) with Boston, eventually playing in parts of five seasons for the team.

Unfortunately, Buckner’s career is too often summarized by a single play, when the 36-year old was unable to corral a Mookie Wilson grounder in Game 6 of the World Series. But Buckner’s stats, and ‘stache, are worth a second look. And take a look at those eyebrows!