Movember: The best mustaches in Boston Red Sox history

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Andre Dawson

The man pictured above is a much-deserved Hall of Famer, on-base percentage be damned. The man pictured below right is one of the greatest all-or-nothing hitters of all-time. Both were legends of the 80’s, for slightly different reasons. Dawson’s speed, defense, and all-around talent made him a household name in Montreal before he broke through with 49 home runs and the 1987 NL MVP award with the Cubs.

Rob Deer

Deer amassed 230 bombs and 1,409 strikeouts over an 11-year career mostly spent with the Brewers and Tigers.

Neither were quite the same player by the time they reached Boston in the early 90’s. Dawson’s knees had disintegrated and Deer’s curly mullet had perhaps provided the last of its longball magic. But their mustaches certainly reminded people of the salad days of 1987.