Movember: The best mustaches in Boston Red Sox history

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Frank Viola

One of the all-time greats of the mustache game, Frankie V’s tenure with the Sox is often glossed over compared to his World Series-winning stint with the Twins and another 20-win season with the Mets. The master of the circle change, Viola won 24 games over two seasons for the Red Sox before succumbing to injury and amassed 1,844 strikeouts over his career. While his nickname was “Sweet Music,” I’d like to commend him on his sweet mustache.

1990 Score

Danny Darwin

A teammate of Viola’s on those early 90’s Red Sox teams, the wiry Darwin won 15 games in ’93 but was generally regarded as a disappointing free agent signing by GM Lou Gorman.

I wouldn’t be tempted to say that to his face, though – the mustachioed pitcher reportedly won more than ballgames with his right hand, as ex-teammate Nolan Ryan nicknamed him “Dr. Death” after emerging victorious in several altercations.