Wall-to-wall coverage of Derek Jeter’s final games on FanSided MLB


In case you’ve been living under a rock the past six months (and if so, congratulations, as you missed the entire ordeal of the 2014 Red Sox season), Derek Jeter and the New York Yankees are scheduled to visit Fenway Park this weekend as The Captain plays his final games before retiring to certain Monument Field and Cooperstown deification.

Our sister site, FanSided’s Yanks Go Yard has wall-to-wall coverage on Jeter’s curtain call over the next few days.

Just last night, I guested on the Yanks Go Yard Radio Show with Ricky Keeler, talking about the baseball still to be played in 2014 and our memories of The Captain over the past 20 years. Though many of my early Jeter memories have a distinct tinge of bitterness, I came around as he maintained his standard of excellence well into his second decade of play and remained far more likeable than several of his New York teammates.

You can catch that show in its entirety here.

Tonight (Thursday), a special edition of the show will allow fans to call in and share their favorite memories of The Captain. As a bonus, a much higher profile guest than myself will be on: longtime teammate of Jeter’s and two-time World Series champion Jim Leyritz.

Leyritz, you may remember, spent time with the Red Sox in 1998.

Here is the link for tonight’s show, if you’re interested in checking it out.