Enough with the Red Sox high profile trades


Enough with the trades. Put Chris Sale, Cole Hamels and especially Giancarlo Stanton to bed for now. No more.

Stanton is damaged goods. A heater to the face leaves a potentially lasting impression and until Stanton plays significant time his injury could be of some concern. Then tack on a contract that represent the GNP of about half the countries on this planet and the case, to me, is closed. Keep him in Miami.

Sale and Hamels are under contract and I have no idea why the Chicago White Sox would want to trade Sale. A talented and young pitcher with a team friendly contract. They have the offensive keystone in Jose Abreu and Sale is the defensive one. You build around it and don’t tear it down.

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Hamels has been mentioned repeatedly for his connection to Jon Lester regarding performance numbers, age and potential monetary comparisons. Hamels is owed in excess of 100M by Philadelphia. I doubt Philadelphia is going to pay any of that and if the Cliff Lee rumors of 2013 are any example they will want top of the line prospects.

So the scenarios for acquisition of all three is simple. It is called the Ricky Williams move where Williams was once traded for the entire draft slate of New Orléans Saints.

Mike Ditka, then coaching the Saints, also tossed in a few picks for the following season. For Boston it would require emptying the farm system or close to it depending on the player. Why do it?

I can understand the fascination regarding Stanton. A peek at the BSI vault shows I once had some real fondness for Stanton. No more. Sign Yoenis Cespedes and hope Allen Craig rebounds. Look for Xander Bogaerts and Mookie Betts to be serious contributors in 2015. Rusney Castillo just may be what he is worth. Put those pieces all together and the offense will be just fine.

For Sale and Hamels the prospect price is a waste. Money is replaceable and the Red Sox have that. So look to the free agents such as Lester, Max Scherzer, James Shields and even Ervin Santana. Save the talent since both Sale and Hamels come with significant contract obligations and an exchange of premium talent.

Now Ben Cherington has to turn his back on the Siren calls of the other GM’s and keep the talent local with a few nice FA additions. Rebuilding this team is not a Sisyphean task. Ben has been there before and done that. Cherington has already started.