Dustin Pedroia likely to return this weekend


Dustin Pedroia has missed the last two Red Sox games due to concussion symptoms after taking a Logan Forsythe elbow to the head; however, it looks like the concussion is relatively mild and Pedroia is likely to return this weekend.

After the hit to his head, which came on a close play at second base, Pedroia reportedly experienced dizziness and other common concussion symptoms but he has recovered over the past couple of days. And despite Pedroia’s stint on the bench over the weekend and his expected absence from the Red Sox’ current series against the Yankees, it appears that he will avoid a trip to the seven-day concussion disabled list.

Red Sox manager John Farrell had some words about Pedroia’s current status.

"He still has some of the symptoms. So this is clearly a day-to-day thing. We’re probably at least another day from any kind of exertion test or any kind of ramping up of the heart rate to see if there’s still some residual [symptoms]. But he’s SORE where the impact took place on the side of the head. As I mentioned the other day, we’ll be cautious with this."

In Pedroia’s absence from Boston’s lineup, the surprising Brock Holt has returned to his natural position of second base. However, the Red Sox will be glad to regain the presence of Pedroia in the lineup as, despite Pedroia’s tough season, he has still been the most valuable player on the Red Sox according to WAR. He is currently slashing .280/.340/.379 with 7 home runs and 51 RBIs while playing his trademark excellent defense. It’s good news that Pedroia’s injury news in no worse than its current status and he should return to the lineup by the weekend.