Sox Drawer: Red Sox daily links for Thursday, August 21st


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Curt Schilling opens up about his cancer to ESPN Boston. Mouth cancer. Caused by chewing tobacco use. Doesn’t sound fun.

Ricky Doyle details another evening on the Clay Buchholz rollercoaster.

The Sultan of Swat! The King of Crash! The Colossus of Clout (The Colossus of Clout)! Babe Ruth! The Great Bambino! Old friend John Lackey gave Scotty Smalls’ stepdad’s prized possession to Pat Neshek in exchange for the number 41.

Dan Butler is back down in Pawtucket for the time being, but his story (by Tim Britton) is inspiring to fans and players alike.

Roy Smalley, the source of many RBI Baseball headaches over the years (my buddy was always the Twins) tells some stories about growing up in the game and his new pursuit – making baseball accessible to kids in communities that need it.

Chris Carter is mashing. Can he keep it up? BSI alum Patrick Green thinks he deserves some attention.

And finally, Marc Normandin continues to murder his insides, this time taking on a 3-pound banana split sundae at The Cell after devouring a bacon mac-and-cheese burger. Even a glutton from way back like myself (never forget the nine McDonald’s cheesburgers I crushed before basketball practice my senior year of high school) needs a nap.