Sox Drawer: Red Sox daily links for Thursday, August 14th


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Jeff Passan takes a look at Jon Lester‘s lights-out walk year.

Our own Joe Meehan expresses hope that Lester’s comments to John Tomase aren’t hollow ones.

Joon Lee tells the tale of Matt Spring, often overlooked minor league catcher who has served as a mentor to several of the Red Sox’ pitching prospects.

If Craig Breslow is “the smartest man in baseball,” then what’s bullpen mate Burke Badenhop? Tim Britton details the righty’s extreme attention to detail.

Old friend Tom Joyce says Brock Holt isn’t just a one-hit wonder.

If Tom Werner gets the Commissioner gig, one of these shows is gonna get the green light (via Surviving Grady).

Remember the “Baby Bombers,” the Bronx Little League Team everyone made a big deal about in the summer of 2001? And then made an even bigger deal about when it was found their ace pitcher, Danny Almonte, was two years older than the coach said he was? Well, Grantland has tracked down Danny Almonte…

David Roth looks at the cutbacks at Sports On Earth, which (as a partnership between USA Today and MLB) had been a haven for tremendous sports reads by great writers over the past two years. Too bad.