Sox Drawer: Trade deadline edition


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The phenomenal Jon Couture gets emotional about Jon Lester, tries to rationalize it (“We don’t play, we observe. We don’t control, we opine”), and concludes that it all boils down to faith in this game.

I was barely paying attention by the ninth inning last night, but Jen McCaffrey (late of the Cape Cod Times, now MassLive) was, and she heard some Lester chants.

WEEI’s Conor Ryan says goodbye to Felix Doubront, who just didn’t get it here. The Cubs will try to get the most out of the lefty, but John Farrell doesn’t think it’s as simple as a change of scenery.

Considering the subject made the Sox look foolish last night, I belatedly post this gem from Grantland’s Rany Jazayerli: The Curious Case of Mark Buehrle.

NESN’s Mike Cole on Carl Crawford, who is still talking about how miserable he was in Boston, nearly two years after getting dumped on the Dodgers. Of all people, I shouldn’t talk about taking too long getting over a breakup, but considering Crawford made nearly DOUBLE WHAT I MAKE IN A YEAR, PER GAME, put up pedestrian numbers and wasn’t in the lineup 127 out of 288 games the Red Sox played while he was an employee, I’m going to call him on it.

The Globe’s Gary Dzen reports on another old friend, Jose Offerman, who owes former minor league catcher Johnathan Nathans some money. In fact, he owes Nathans roughly 1/20th of Carl Crawford’s annual salary. Offerman, if you might recall, got hit by a pitch while playing with the Long Island Ducks in 2007 and headed for the mound wielding a bat. While apparently attempting to impale opposing pitcher Matt Beech, Offerman nailed Nathans in the head with his chosen implement of destruction.

Time out for a couple of Offerman anecdotes. Remember, toward the end of his Red Sox tenure (actually the majority of it – he fell off a cliff after ’99), when he packed on the pounds and couldn’t run anymore? Nightly hilarity when the switch-hitter batted righty. Offerman’s posterior obscured the second “G” and the “L” from the “Giant Glass” advertisement behind home plate. You get the picture.

Also, how do you spell Offerman? O-F-F and 47 E’s. I can’t take credit for that one.

Did you know his daughter is a professional wrestler? Good on her.

And finally…musician Jack White threw out the first pitch in Detroit…to Santa Claus.