Andrew Miller traded to Baltimore


Red Sox lefthanded reliever Andrew Miller has been traded, an hour before the 4 p.m trading deadline within the American League East to the Baltimore Orioles for AA pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez. Earlier in the day, Miller was rumored to be headed to the Detroit Tigers who were among the many suitors for Miller’s services.

Rodriguez is a lefty starter who is only 21, which is young for AA. He is listed at the above link as the Orioles #3 prospect. One wonders if the Red Sox brain trust is perhaps gambling on re-signing Miller in the offseason. Reports suggested that Jon Lester went to the Athletics because they would not be able to sign him after the season. This has certainly been a day of overhauling the pitching staff as Lester and Lackey have already been shipped out of Boston.

Perhaps the haul could have been greater here if Miller was under control beyond this season. Baltimore clearly feels that it is worth the risk of seeing Rodriguez a few times a year as a starter if they can get to the World Series again for the first time since their last title in 1983.

Ben Cherington still has a surplus of outfielders with Cespedes and Craig coming, while losing Gomes. Stay tuned at our live blog to see what more Ben has up his sleeve.