Rumors: Troy Tulowitzki “would welcome a trade to Red Sox”


Add one more rumor to the Red Sox rumor mill.

So what does this really mean? Not much if we’re being honest. Tulowitzki has been rumored for some time to want to play in a big market like New York or Boston, so it’s not surprising he’d be interested in calling Fenway home.

The issue is whether or not the Rockies are interested in dealing away their franchise shortstop. He’s signed through at least 2020 and, when healthy, has been far and away the best shortstop in the game.

The issue though is staying healthy. He played only 47 games in 2012, 126 in 2013 and is currently on the DL with a hip injury. Ultimately though, his talent is worth the risk if he’s made available and the Sox are one of a few teams that have the resources to make a deal happen.

For one, they have the financial flexibility to absorb the remaining 6yrs/$118mil on Tulo’s deal following this season. They also have the prospects that Colorado would likely desire.

It’s safe to assume that any deal would have to include Xander Bogaerts. Trading a current star shortstop for a potential star shortstop only makes sense.

Then I’d imagine it would take at least three other top-level prospects. Keep in mind, Tulo is one of the best players in the game and is locked up for a long time. The Rockies will, and should, demand a king’s ransom for him.

If you’re the Sox, looking toward the future doesn’t necessarily mean bringing in a bunch of prospects. If you have the opportunity to bring in a player of Tulowitzki’s caliber you do it, rebuilding or not. A bonus to doing so would be that they’d be preventing him from becoming a Yankee.

It seems unlikely that Tulo gets moved in the next four days, but if he is made available, I’d hope Ben Cherington would be placing a call.