Everyone stop whining about David Ortiz’ bat flip


Hey, Rays and your fans. David Ortiz has a message for you. Lighten up.

After launching a three-run home run to right field off of Rays’ starter Chris Archer, Ortiz, who hasn’t made his dislike of the Rays a secret, gave a bat flip and admired the path of the ball as it landed about 20 rows up.

It was a gesture that apparently didn’t go unnoticed by Archer. After the game he went off on Ortiz, rehashing what David Price said earlier in the year about Ortiz thinking he’s bigger than the game.

The response from Ortiz was perfect. He said, “Players today are too sensitive. I’ll leave it at that.” And he’s right.

It’s insane that pitchers are such babies about this stuff. You don’t like someone “pimping” a home run? Here’s an idea: get him out. Don’t give up the home run.

Stop whining because you failed. Ortiz’ job is to hit the ball. And when he does this successfully, why shouldn’t he admire his work?

Baseball has a lot of stupid, unwritten rules. But this not watching your home run and giving a little bat flip rule is by far the worst one of all. I’m not saying the pitcher should be happy about the situation, but don’t go crying to the media. Suck it up and use it to be better next time.

Even worse than the pitcher who complains though are the fans that decide to voice their opinion on twitter. Give me a break.

If someone on your favorite team hit a home run and gave a bat flip, you’d love it. So don’t say Ortiz is “classless” and all this other garbage. Who made all these fans the police of unwritten rules?

Admiring a home run is the same as a pitcher getting fired up and celebrating on his way to the dugout after striking out a batter. Nobody ever complains about them though.

The fact of the matter is, Ortiz is up there doing his job and enjoying it while he does. Spare me the sob story about him watching a home run.

Get him out if you don’t like it.