Sox Drawer: Red Sox daily links for July 24th


The “Sox Drawer” runs every Tuesday and Thursday on BoSox Injection. We’ll be compiling material about the team from all corners of the Internet, as well as some general baseball-related links. If you have suggestions, hit us up on Twitter @BoSoxInjection.

The Sox are still north of the border; there was a soccer game over at Fenway last night. Time to open the drawer…

Larry Lucchino was on WEEI this morning doing what he does best (or worst, depending on your perspective). Do you guys think Jon Lester will be around next season? Yikes.

Part Two of the fantastic Brock Holt story, courtesy of MassLive’s Jason Mastrodonato. Click here for Part One.

While BSI’s Rick McNair was forced to do a takedown on his all-time favorite Red Sox player, Brian MacPherson‘s Takeaway examines Dustin Pedroia’s precipitous drop in production.

Just a reminder that even though Pedroia hasn’t amassed the numbers he usually does in 2014, he’s still the man. Check out this SportsCenter “My Wish” segment. “Be yourself…that’s what everything’s about,” could be the defining statement of his career. Spoiler: Hacksaw Jonny Gomes makes a great cameo appearance.

Danny Picard is sick and tired of hearing about Jake Peavy’s poor run support. Tired of hearing about him, tired of looking at him, tired of EVERYTHING about him!

Memories of the A-Rod-Varitek brawl from Surviving Grady.

Grantland looks at Glenn Burke, the innovator of the high-five, in a poignant piece.