The legend of Brock Holt continues


He’s a diamond in the rough. A light among the dark. An oasis in the desert. He’s all that the Red Sox have asked for and so much more this season. He is… Brock Holt.

Due to the disappointing first half of the season, the Red Sox have opted to roll with the young guns to carry them… they have not let us down. Several young players, including Mookie Betts and Christian Vazquez, have made an impact on the Red Sox.

And while Brock Holt is a few years older than Betts and Vazquez, he’s made the biggest impact of all.

Holt continued his domination this weekend against the Astros, embarrassing their pitching as a whole. He went a combined 10-16 this weekend, and moved around the field defensively, showing his ability to play where he’s needed once again.

His biggest impact came in Sunday’s series finale, where Holt clobbered a lead-off home run to begin the game, and then went on to go 5 for 6 on the day.

"“It was just one of those days,” Holt said. “Felt good up there in the first and then to tack on.”"

Holt performed in front of a hometown crowd, as the 26 year old grew up in Stephenville, Texas, just a few hours away from Houston.

"“You don’t expect to have weekends like this,” Holt said, via “For all the family and friends to be in to see it was special.”"

With Holt’s visit at second base on Sunday, he has now played at every position in the field aside from pitcher and catcher. Needless to say, a player who can play every position and go 10-16 on a given weekend is pretty special.

The legend that is Brock Holt will be away for the All-Star break this week, but when he returns, be sure to keep an eye on him.

To be continued…