Rumors: Cardinals showing interest in Jake Peavy


With the Red Sox now 10 games out of first place, expect the trade rumors to start flying.

Some of these rumors will make sense and some will probably be completely ridiculous. Jake Peavy to the Cardinals makes sense for both teams.

As Gordon Edes points out, the Cardinals had a lot of interest in Peavy last season before he was traded to the Sox in the deal that saw Jose Iglesias sent to Detroit. Combine the Cardinals’ current needs with Peavy’s recent strong outings and it makes sense that they’d be interested again.

By moving Peavy, the Sox would be able to insert Rubby De La Rosa back into the rotation, who pitched well in his short stint with the big league club. They may also be able to pick up a valuable major leaguer or prospect, as the White Sox were able to get Avisail Garcia in the Peavy deal last season.

Many contending teams will be looking for veterans with playoff experience and the Red Sox have plenty of these types of players. Guys like Peavy and Jonny Gomes may not have much value on a non-contending Red Sox team, but they can be valuable players and clubhouse guys for a contender.