The world according to Stephen Drew


"“I played really well in the postseason,” he said. “The at-bats were good at-bats in some, and some were difficult. But at the end of the day I played unbelievable defense and helped save runs. That’s what it takes. Not everyone was clicking on all cylinders. We were all playing really good defense. In the postseason it doesn’t matter, it’s just timely hitting, who comes up.”"

The above quote was from an article by John Mastrodonato and the quote was from Stephen Drew, recently hired on to play (occasionally) shortstop and to hit, sans, of course, when a left-handed pitcher is on the mound. Upon reading the quote I did some diligent research.

The Allies did win World War II. Check.

Kim Kardashian has not won an Oscar. Check.

Watergate did happen. Check.

Cubs have not won World Series in a gazillion years. Check

Pigs still do not fly. Check.

That cleared my mind that I did not fall down a rabbit hole and end up in an alternate universe. I checked the every trusted stats site and discovered that the above Mr. Drew hit for exactly .111 in the post season. Fear not, the party line is Drew is an on base machine. Two walks in the playoffs. Two! That is measured against 19 strikeouts. I tried to determine a BB/K%, but my calculator has a laugh track.

There is little doubt Drew was a serious contributor during the 2013 season. The fielding metrics, if you are a believer, clearly demonstrate his ability with the glove as a positive. With the stick Drew can be found in the upper regions of offensive performers at his position.

I can understand the egocentric athlete and I’m sure a rather expansive list can be made. Then comes the delusional. Did Drew really believe what he stated? Good at bats? Unbelievable defense? How about very good defense? Leave “unbelievable” to Ozzie Smith.

I always considered Stephen Drew the antithesis of his brother, J.D. Drew, otherwise known as “Day-to-day Drew.” This, however speaks volumes, at least to me, about his own personal assessment tools. Has he been locked up far too long with Scott Boras?

Does Drew realize he has played in Boston? The fans in Boston are notorious for lack of patience and an exceptional knowledge of the game. They know BS when they hear it. That quote was BS.