Jerry Remy to return to broadcast booth in 2014


Photo By: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Former Red Sox second baseman and long time color-commentator Jerry Remy will be broadcasting Red Sox games in 2014. Remy announced Monday that he will be returning to broadcast the Boston Red Sox along side fellow play-by-play man Don Orsillo.  The duo have been broadcasting games on the Red Sox owned network, NESN, since 2001.  Remy has been a staple in Boston households and everyone has enjoyed listening to him since he started back in 1988.  Fans have enjoyed listening to his iconic voice, but recently has faced several setbacks.

In 2009, Remy had a “very small, low-grade cancerous area” removed from his lung.  The recovery process took a tole on him as he missed much of the 2009 season recovering.  Additionally, Remy missed just under a month this past season battling pneumonia.  But his most recent setback had Remy unsure about his future in the public spotlight.

On August 15th, Waltham, Mass. police responded to Jared Remy’s house.  Jared, the son of broadcaster Jerry Remy was arrested for assault and battery on his fiancee, Jennifer Martel, and was charged with stabbing her multiple times before dying.  Since the incident, Jerry Remy has been on a leave of absence from NESN as he and his wife attempted to gain custody of his son’s infant daughter.

“I felt for a couple of months, for two or three months, that it was over,’’ Remy told reporters, including Chad Finn at “There’s no way I was coming back. I had two main concerns: What the public would think and whether I could be myself. The answers at that time [in November and December] were no,” Remy stated.

Remy has another son and daughter who among other things have also been arrested for assualt and battery.  Fans throughout Red Sox nation are happy that Jerry Remy will be back for his 26th season, and hope that the Martels receive the justice they deserve.