Jacoby Ellsbury To Wear Roger Clemens’ Number 22 With Yankees


At a press conference in New York this morning, the Yankees unveiled their latest free-agent acquisition, Jacoby Ellsbury.  And they did so by unveiling the number he’ll be wearing when patrolling center field at Yankee Stadium next year; the number 22.

Given Ellsbury’s number 2 is being occupied by the future hall-of-famer in Derek Jeter, the former Red Sox all-star went with the double twos instead.  Ironically, it’s also the same number that Roger Clemens wore in New York and as every Red Sox fan remembers, he too fled Boston for the greener money in the Bronx.

Call it ironic or even fitting that Ellsbury who followed Clemens and Damon by flocking to New York for more money and now wears the same number as the Rocket.  Of course Clemens had a brief stop in Toronto before playing for the Yankees but given his legacy as a member of the Red Sox, the damage was done when he put on the pinstripes, regardless of what time in his career he did it.

If Ellsbury is going to be in the same category as Clemens and Damon he might as well wear one of their numbers right?

Warning, the image below may cause some to become sick to their stomach.  Courtesy of Fox25Sports Twitter account, it’s the first glimpse of Ellsbury in a Yankees’ uniform.  Consider yourself warned.