Jacoby Ellsbury Thanks Red Sox Nation


The damage may have already been done when Jacoby Ellsbury signed a massive 7-year contract with the hated New York Yankees, cementing his place in Red Sox history that only a few others have accomplished.  Joining Babe Ruth and most recently Johnny Damon and Roger Clemens who joined the dark side after building up a legacy in Boston, Ellsbury has packed his bags and is heading for the greener pastures of New York.  Greener strictly from the sight of 153 million green dollar bills.

But before he leaves Red Sox Nation for good, Ellsbury took a moment to thank the team, the fans and the nation that he’s called home for the last seven years.

In what is becoming the norm in pro sports these days any time a prolific player leaves his long-time team, a full page ad in the local paper is purchased to thank everyone under one umbrella.  Ellsbury followed suit by using the Boston Globe as his soap box to thank the Red Sox organization and the fans that have supported him during his time in New England.

You can check out the full page ad here. Was it a classy move by Ellsbury?  Or has the damage been done?  We will look at this scenario later today but for now, take the time to view Ellsbury’s send off message before he dawns those dreaded pinstripes for the next seven years.