Thrown Out from Dugout?



In the bottom of the 13th inning at Yankee Stadium, the Red Sox lead 3-2, but the Yankees have McCann on First and pinch runner, pitcher, Shawn Kelley, on Third base with one out, when Gardiner lifts a lazy, drifting fly near the First base dugout.

First baseman Ortiz and catcher Ross both move toward the ball.  As they reach the steps of the dugout, Ortiz stretches his arm over the steps and catches the ball; then, his momentum carries him into the dugout and onto the floor.

Alertly, Kelley starts for the plate.  Red Sox pitcher Brandon Workman rushes to cover the plate.  On his knees in the dugout, Ortiz gets off a perfect strike to Workman, who tags Kelley.  The home plate ump call Kelley “OUT!”

The Yankee Manager runs out to argue the call.

He avers that the catch by Ortiz does not count, since the First baseman caught the ball out of bounds.

He also says that, if the Ortiz catch is legal,  the umpires should have invoked the Infield Fly Rule and send Kelley back to Third and resume the inning with two outs and Kelley on Third and McCann on first.

RULING:  Game ends on a Double Play.  Infield Fly Rule does not apply to foul fly balls.

Ortiz made a legal catch and had control of the ball prior to falling into the dugout.

Kelley advanced at his own risk.  Players may enter the dugout after making a catch and then make make a defensive play. [Rule 5.10f]