If you were Sox GM, would you sign Beltran?


Veteran OF Carlos Beltran is consistently linked to the Red Sox in FA signing rumors, so let’s take a look at his downside and upside and take a vote.


He has chronic knee problems and will be 37 in April; he could spend a lot of time in the DL and become an expensive unofficial bench coach.

He will not be able to play OF on a daily basis. [80-120 games?]

He might hold out for a 3-4 year “final” contract and want $40-50 Million and reach age 40/41; the 2-year deal would be about $30 Million.

His range has shrunk and he would be limited to LF in Fenway and be a defensive liability on the road.

Ortiz is already the regular Lefty-batting DH; when Beltran is DH, Papi goes to the bench.

He would need regular rest to play his best.

“After walking in just over 13 percent of his plate appearances from 2008-09, Beltran’s walk rate dipped to about 12 percent from 2010-11, then 10.5 percent in 2012 before plummeting to 6.3 percent in 2013.

The resulting .339 OBP was his lowest mark since 2005. He also showed an uncharacteristic platoon split in 2013, hitting lefties at just a .252/.281/.448 clip.

Defensively, Beltran has graded out below average for several years now, but 2013 was particularly unsightly. Beltran’s -18.7 UZR/150 was fourth-lowest among all qualified position players, and The Fielding Bible‘s assessment of -6 defensive runs saved, while an improvement isn’t much of an endorsement either.” cautions Steve Adams, MLB Trade Rumors.


He started 269 regular-season games for St. Louis in the outfield in 2012-13. [Could start 130?]

He could learn the Monster’s idiosyncrasies and play LF at home.

He could be DH against LHPs, who give Ortiz problems at bat.

He is a friend of David Ortiz and would provide veteran leadership and positive clubhouse chemistry. “On the field, he’s seen as a leader by his teammates and enjoys offering advice on hitting and outfield positioning.” says Steve Adams, MLB Trade Rumors.

He could fill the LHB ABs gap, created; if Stephen Drew, Jacoby Ellsbury and Jarrod Saltalamacchia leave the team, it would vacate 1,471 of Boston’s 3,141 lefty-swinging plate appearances (46.8 percent). Each had an OPS in the high-.800s vs. righty pitching, helping Boston generate an .818 OPS against righties — 30 points higher than any other team.

The other likely Sox Lefty batters are Mike Carp and Daniel Nava, who proved effective as supplementary pieces against righties.  Jackie Bradley Jr. will start in CF an hit lefty, but Shane Victorino, is not a real switch-hitter, did not bat much from the left side late last year due to a hamstring injury, and has essentially admitted that hitting lefty was a failed experiment.

Steve Adams at MLB Rumors notes some positives:

“Beltran is a dangerous hitter, plain and simple. Over the past eight seasons, he’s averaged a 135 OPS+ and 31 homers per 162 games, and he posted a 128 OPS+ in 2013. Among qualified free agent position players, only Robinson Cano, Marlon Byrd and Shin-Soo Choo have a higher wRC+ than Beltran’s 132 (and Byrd, of course, is no lock to repeat that feat). Based on those numbers, Beltran was somewhere between 28 and 32 percent better than a league-average hitter this season.

For someone with so much power, Beltran is actually pretty difficult to strike out. He whiffed in just 15 percent of his plate appearances in 2013 — a mark that was bested by only Nate McLouth and Jacoby Ellsbury among free agent outfielders (assuming, of course, that Coco Crisp‘s option is exercised).

He’s played in at least 140 games in 12 of 15 seasons dating back to 2001. He’s averaged 146 games over the past three years, quieting those who thought he was finished after playing in just 145 total games from 2009-10.”

Scott Boras is NOT his agent; it is Dan Lozano of the MVP Sports Group.



.296/.339/.491, 24/84

Career Averages:





Career Average WAR: 5.19

2012: 3.8

2013: 2.4

Splits as possible DH:

vs RHP as LHB1294293911232121756103164.315.362.509.871
vs LHP as RHB76171163419172811726.252.281.448.729
vs LH Starter3938160149244290722111020.282.331.483.814
vs RH Starter106100440405551222131762102870.301.342.494.836

Projected Fld Avg for 2013: .980-.986.


Accepting that he is a high risk for injuries to his knees and will spend some time on the DL and will not be able to play more than 130 of 162 games, if he will accept a 2-year contract for $30-40 Million [$15-20 M per year], Beltran has enough left in his tank to be a significant asset.

Once he learns how to play the Wall Balls at Fenway, he can start in LF and Ortiz can DH.

The Monster will work to his advantage with less ground to cover and short relays to the infield.

If he can play all of the home games in LF against RHPs, say 54 of 81 and PH in the rest, he would be a plus on offense.

His diminishing range in the OF would be a negative in the 81 road games, where he might start between 45-50 games.  He can also PH and give Ortiz the occasional day off at DH.

He might also serve as a role model and OF coach for Jackie Bradley, Jr. and provide useful advice to team mates on hitting.

We will split the difference and establish our contract as

"2 years for a total of $30 Million."