Second Best For Farrell


A few years ago my wife – The Lovely Cynthia – and I returned from a pleasant and enjoyable tropical vacation. Retired old folks do that. Opening the door we were immediately greeted with a stench that signaled big problems. Real big problems.

A large cast iron pipe that eventually took waste matter into the street sewer connection had backed up, probably over several months, and then collapsed while we were soaking up the sun.

Four days later and with costly repairs we were able to return home and resume a normal life. A battalion of plumbers and clean up specialist had restored order and life went on.

Nov 2, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell walks on the podium inside of Fenway Park prior to the World Series parade and celebration. Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

John Farrell walked into the baseball version of my cellar. The 2012 team was the baseball answer to my basement disaster. He was the plumber and clean up crew that managed to take the old and new materials given to him and resurrect a team that had finished dead last. His reward for this turnaround was to have 16 members of the writing fraternity give the award to Farrell’s good friend, Terry Francona.

Unfortunately in circumstances like this it is often necessary to depreciate the accomplishments of the winner to give some type of prop to your guy.

Francona had a marvelous finish of ten straight wins to get into the playoffs. Believe me it is no easy task to beat the cumulative powerhouses that reside in Minnesota, Houston and Chicago. And, of course, my personal benchmark is how you do against The Big Boys – AL East. Francona went 12-21.

When I look at the Red Sox that were turned over to Farrell I also see that part of the contribution to the mess was Francona himself. Just reading the book “Francona,” Terry acknowledges that point.

Francona and Farrell and good friends, former teammates and have coached together. Francona will forever be a personal favorite of mine and those in RSN, but in this instances he simply should be Ms. Runner-up.

The writers got it wrong.