Lackey’s “Green Goo” cleared up, letter from Maine reader


Dear Earl,

Q:  What was that lime green substance in John Lackey’s glove?

A:  Consider the lobster.  Up he-yah in Maine, we knew what it was right off.

Obviously, some Cardinal supporter slipped some “lobstah tah-molly” [guts] into Lackey’s rosin bag to use as an excuse in case his team lost.

BTW, the lighthouse keeper was watching the World Series with his binoculars and can confirm that that fella that st-ah-rted this whole kerfuffle** was NOT at Fenway Park for Game One, not nee-ah they-ah ,at all.

If you somehow missed this vitally important story, you can read about it below*, but, just to set the whole thing straight, we sent in two pitchers of the green stuff to your web-thingy.


Tyler Melling Headlines:
Cards move to shore up Memphis relief corps
One game back in the standings, Triple-A Memphis gets two new relievers plus an important outfielder
-by Aug 29, 2013

The Cardinal Nation July Pitcher of the Month
Tyler Melling is our choice as the top pitcher in the Cardinals minor league system last month
-by Aug 4, 2012

 Full Name: Tyler E. Melling      Born: 09/04/1988 Birthplace: Bellefontaine, OH

College: Miami     Height: 6′ 2″      Weight: 170     Bats: R    Throws: L

Melling is 24 years old and had a fabulous season while pitching in Batavia. The statistic that jumps out at us with Tyler is the fact that he fanned 46 batters and only walked 4 for the thirteen games that he has started. Lefthanders are coveted and Melling’s future looks bright.

Melling recently finished his college career at Miami University in Oxford. He had an outstanding campaign as a senior, going 8-2 with a 3.51 ERA. He was selected in the 39th round of the Major League Baseball draft in 2011.

Melling is likely to begin the 2013 season in Class A for the Peoria Chiefs.


"[the DEAR EARL letter continues]"

A Maine baseball coach tells us that Mr. Melon sounds like a very good pitching prospect, but he did add:  “He’s a LEFTY and that makes him valuable, but, you know what they say about baseball Lefties…”

The Melon fella may be right, but we gotta wond-ah ‘bout a fella who graduates from some college named Miami in Ohio that claims its really in Oxford…

Hope this clears up the green goo mess.

PS  You folks get lost up here on vacation, because you don’t understand that “Down East” is neither “down” or “East.”  To get to where you’re going, just go about a quarter mile and, when you see the poplar tree, turn onto that dirt road, until you see the fork in the road; then—take it.”

Remem-bah, where ever you are, you can’t get there from here.

Yours Truly,

Anonymous Citizen of Red Sox Nation


As NESN reported:

After the contest centered on a green substance located inside of the left-hander’s glove. Lester “I just throw it in my glove,” Lester told reporters Thursday. “For me, it helps with tempo. Any time you’re not walking to the back of the mound grabbing the rosin, walking around, you can just reach in your glove and you’re back up in the rubber ready to go. That’s kind of how it started for me. It was more of a tempo issue. And any time, like I said, you get a foul ball, a new ball, whatever, you’re walking to the back of the mound grabbing the rosin, taking your time, getting back up on the rubber. It takes too long. You throw it in there [and] it’s perfectly legal. They put it back there for a reason and I’m going to continue to do it.”

The substance inside of Lester’s glove in Game 1 — which was a lime green color — was pointed out by Cardinals minor leaguer Tyler Melling, who tweeted a photo of Lester’s glove with a caption that read, “Jon Lester using a little Vaseline inside the glove tonight?” The tweet set off a social media firestorm, and even caused Major League Baseball to release a statement stating that no conclusions could be drawn from video review. Melling later deleted the tweet.

Lester was forced to answer questions about a controversy stirred up through social media. “That’s the negative side of social media,” Lester said. “Twitter and Facebook have a lot of positives, communicating with people, charity, and then there’s something like this where I’m standing in front of you guys talking.” As for why the substance was a lime green color? Well, that’s one mystery that remains unsolved. “I saw the picture and I don’t know why that is,” Lester said. “It looks like a giant booger almost. I don’t know how that came about. The lighting, I don’t know how that is.”

“Like I said, it is what it is. [Melling] has his opinion, he has his right to hold his opinion on it. The picture, like I said, does look bad, but it’s rosin. Like I said, that’s all I can really comment on with it. It’s rosin. My next start, Game 5 I’ll go out there and do the exact same thing and hopefully have the same outcome in the game.”

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**·  News for tyler melling cardinals


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