RISP “clutch hitters”–lead NL in offense


Citizens of Red Sox Nation know why the Red Sox lead the AL in runs scored, but how did the Cards lead the NL?

A:  Clutch hitting.

We can define “clutch hitting,” as getting a hit “when it matters.”

When does it “matter” most?

When there are runners in scoring position.  [RISP]

You may be surprised to discover [below] than none of the Red Sox—not even Dustin Pedroia or Big Papi—make the Top Ten RISP Hitters list.

With the Sox facing the Cards in this World Series, since you have been primarily focused on the AL, it may shock you to see that 5 Cardinals made the MLB Top Ten RISP list.

Four of the Top Ten are from the AL, which means the Cards took 5 of the 6 NL slots; the other NL player was Atlanta’s 1b Freddy Freeman, who was #2 behind the MLB leader, Cards’ Allen Craig.

While Miggy Cabrera, Michael Brantley, and Robinson Cano are familiar names to AL fans, notice that the young Kansas City Royals’ catcher, made the list; he projects as a future All-Star.

Top 10 – Regular Season Leaders with Runners in Scoring Position








Allen Craig (STL)


Freddie Freeman (ATL)

170131581884.4433. Miguel Cabrera (DET)204156622499.3974.

Matt Holliday (STL)


Matt Carpenter (STL)

145116451462.3886. Salvador Perez (KC)133122461462.3777. Michael Brantley (CLE)14212045659.3758.

Carlos Beltran (STL)


Yadier Molina (STL)

145126471462.37310. Robinson Cano (NYY)172140501780.357

Created by BaseballAnalytics.org on 10/23/2013

Win or lose in the 2013 World Series, the Cardinals are offensive threats, so don’t underestimate them.