Should PED Peralta play in Post-season?


Jhonny Peralta not only has an odd first name, he is in a very odd situation.

His suspension for PED use ended with 3 games left in the 2013 regular season, just in time for the Tigers to opt to put him on the roster for the Post-season; he has become a major offensive hero in the ALDS and ALCS, but after the Tigers play their final game this year, he will leave the team and reap a FA bonanza.

Anticipating Peralta’s departure, Tiger manager Jim Leyland lamented:

"“Someone, is going to get a really good player and a great guy.”"

Some Sox players and many Sox fans are miffed that this PED user is allowed to play in the Post-season; they remind us that, although Melky Cabrera was qualified to play after his PED suspension, the Giants chose to leave him off their post-season roster.

Peter Gammons notes:

“Absolutism says that the Tigers should not have welcomed Jhonny Peralta back. After all, if his .450 post-season continues on into and through the World Series, the 50 games he sat out for his association with the Biogenesis lab will seem like a simple detour en route to a lucrative free agent deal.” []

Some may wonder how well the Tigers would be doing against the Sox in the ALCS, if Detroit had left him off their Post-season roster, since he has been a vital cog in the batting order:

Gammons: “Leyland needs Peralta in the sixth hole after Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder and Victor Martinez, especially with Cabrera fighting through injuries.

Peralta had a three run homer in Game Four of the ALDS, a major blown in a critical win. He knocked in the only run in the ALCS opener, the 1-0 Tiger win.

He had a big hit in Game Two. He’s hitting .450 in the seven post-season games with six RBIs.” []

Peralta’s Post-season stats support Gammons’ point.

Postseason Snapshot: Jhonny Peralta















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“He’s served his time, he deserves to play,”  –Torii Hunter.

“All we’re doing is abiding by the rules,”–Leyland.

The plain-spoken Jonny Gomes [who also spell Johnny in a different way] opined:

““We all play by the rules, and he is playing by the rules. So go out and play.”

Q:  In the context of his PED use, what do you think about Peralta playing in Post-season games?