Beards Appear and Sox Continue to Win


The beards keep coming in and the Sox keep winning/ Hmmm?

I am not one to mess with success. The Red Sox decided to the grow beards and their season magically changed. Accordingly, BSI asked facial radical fans to sport their stuff and we’ve had a steady stream of fuzz coming our way as a result. Think it’s crazy that we’re doing this? The pictures keep coming in and the Sox keep winning. For a sport dominated by superstition, we’re not about to reverse this trend.

Our latest bearded fan is Jonathan Hatch, who hails from West Springfield MA. Jonathan unleashed his whiskers about  six months ago. That would be about the same time Red Sox Nation woke up to our own bearded bunch. Coincidence? Jonathan joins our illustrious group of men AND women (whiskerinas) that support the Old Towne Team by the length of the their facial hair.

With only two more beards to go, we are approaching a starting nine.

Jonathan joins our illustrious bearded gang:
Dean Dockerill from Alberta, Canada
– Jeannie Chanthanasinh, our first whiskerina, and her boyfriend Todd who both hail from Lowell, MA.
– Gary W. Norman, from Titusville, FL
– Bert Mayer, founding member and President of the Boston Beard Bureau from Boston, MA
– Brian Roy of Waltham, MA

Go Sox!