Price Is Right: Sends Rangers Home, Rays to Cleveland


The bigger they blow—the harder they fall’ and the blow-hard Ranger fans, who believe in “Texas Exceptionalism,” are heading home in their SUVs to their McMansion Rancheros to watch the Playoffs on their huge-screen “tee-vees” and shoot the bull.

In the Lone Star state they say: “Don’t mess with Texas!”

"What is that saying: “All hat and no cattle.”?"

The Price was Right tonight as LHP David Price held the Rangers to two runs in 9 innings for a 5-2 win and the Rays punched their ticket to the next 1-game Wild Card against Francona’s Indians in Wednesday night in Cleveland. [8:05 EST]

AwayHomeTime (ET)Away ProbableHome ProbableMLB.TVTickets
RaysIndians8:00pmCOBB (11-3)Salazar (0-0)

 “He [Price] was beyond spectacular.  He got into a nice groove in the 6th inning and I saw I could leave him in there,” said Maddon, who let price go the distance for the W.

“If a lot of those guys want to stand up close to the plate, I got something for them [inside fastballs].” David Price.

To paraphrase the mean deli counter guy in Seinfeld:

"“No Fenway Frank for Yu!”"

Q:  Who are the Red Sox more likely to beat in the ADLS?