Sox Missing Momentum And Mojo


I happen to believe in baseball momentum and mojo. For some reason teams and players become endowed for a certain period of time with ‘special” attributes that hide flaws and can’t be defined by any worldly metric. Both are fickle and vanish one moment and return the next. Right now they have deserted the Sox.

August 19, 2013; San Francisco, CA, USA; Boston Marathon survivors Aaron Hern (left) and Amanda North (center) smile after throwing out the ceremonial first pitch as Boston Red Sox left fielder

Jonny Gomes

(5) approaches before the game against the San Francisco Giants at AT

Momentum has been out of town for a few years until a surprise return this season. Along the way bumps would happen such as in May and now the current one. Still no four game losing streak.

Mojo this season has been a one trick pony specializing in late game heroics. A special treat for The Nation and special torture for the visitors.

Mojo would hang around the bat rack, chew some sunflower seeds and chat with his new best friend – Jonny Gomes. You gotta have Mojo. Walk off wins are in double digits. Maybe Pedro Cerrano was around the clubhouse?

Last seen both Mo’s were heading down I-45 towards Galveston after putting on one last show in Houston. Maybe they’ll hook back up in LA? Didn’t see them on the Embarcadero in ’Frisco. I sure hope I see a return ASAP.

Red Sox need a Bob Hazle type to light a spark. The latest Messiah, Xander Bogaerts, could be that spark? Or it could come from elsewhere. This team needs some momentum and a good dose of Mojo.