“RECLINER MANAGER” Your place to rant about that STUPID manager’s move


So, you’re are tuned into a Red Sox game and–suddenly–one of the managers makes a STUIPD move and you start yelling at the TV or car radio.  It’s high time that you have a place to vent your anger at the manager and this is the place to let out your rant rage.

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Entering the bottom of the 8th against the Tigers, the score was tied at 4, when the 2nd base umpire rules “no catch” by Nava; Sox manager, Farrell, argues the call and is ejected, leaving Torey Lovullo as Acting Manager.

  Avisail Garcia reaches on a fielding error by right fielder Daniel Nava. Avisail Garcia to 2nd.

  2.Bryan Holaday hits a sacrifice bunt. Throwing error by pitcher Andrew Miller. Avisail Garcia to 3rd. Bryan Holaday to 1st.

  3.Austin Jackson walks. Bryan Holaday to 2nd.

  Pitching Change: Alex Wilson replaces Andrew Miller.

  4.Torii Hunter out on a sacrifice fly to center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury. Avisail Garcia scores. Bryan Holaday to 3rd.

  5.Alex Wilson intentionally walks Miguel Cabrera. Austin Jackson to 2nd.

Now we get to the genius move: Wilson is ordered to throw two pitches to Cabrera; Wilson tosses two “intentional balls;” then, Wilson is ordered to issue an intentional walk.

Beacher Report named Cabrera  one of  the top three

"“Most Unstoppable Home Run Sluggers in Baseball Today”"

So, with Cabrera at bat with men on 2nd and 3rd and 1st unoccupied, everybody at the ballpark, even the guys listening over the speakers at the urinals, knows that you issue an intentional pass to the red-hot hitter.  This means the C steps out and receives the wide pitches, so the hitter cannot reach to hit them.

But, with two men in scoring position, the Tigers only need a base hit from Cabrera to plate two more runs before the Sox come up in the 9th.

Ordering a pitcher to throw two pitches out of the K-zone is STUPID.  Suppose the pitcher misses and puts one of those two offerings in a location where Cabrera can hit one for a single, or even a sac fly?

Or, suppose the catcher, who had earlier let a pitch get by him for a Passed Ball, can’t handle a pitch that is thrown with the intention of missing the K-zone; maybe a 58-ft breaking ball, or a  wild fastball uncorked from a high release point?  Passed ball! An insurance run for the Tigers in the bottom of the 8th.

Sure, walk Cabrera, but don’t give him two pitches to have a shot at hitting, or the risk a WP!