AL East: Jay walk to flag; “Surprising Sox” win Wild Card in Photo finish; bookies rate Yanks over Toronto


Yes, the Red Sox could win the AL East flag this season, but they will surprise the experts by edging out the Rays in the last week for the Wild Card slot.

The Jays are loaded with talent on offense, defense, and pitching and only a plane crash could stop them from winning 110 games; the media will use “The Surprising Sox” as the 2013 storyline and with Toronto already in the stables, the Rays and Sox will come down the stretch for a Photo finish.

AL East Predicted Standings:               WORLD SERIES ODDS*
Blue Jays [Reloaded in all categories]                   14/1
Red Sox [“Surprise Team” Wild Card]                  28/1

SEE: How Red Sox Could Win AL East Flag

Rays [Will chase Sox into last week]                       25/1
Orioles [Hammels Ace? Luck evens out]               28/1
Yankees [Cano & 7 Aging Dwarfs]                                                     11/1   [NYC bias]

MVP Candidate from AL East: Jose Bautista  [lineup protection]
Cy Young Candidate from AL East: R. A. Dickey [Run support]

AL Central Predicted Standings:                         WORLD SERIES ODDS*

Tigers   [add V-Mart and improved Def.]                                  8/1
White Sox [Viciedo, Sale lead Sox]                                            30/1
Indians   [lack depth; too many low WAR scores]                  75/1
Royals  [weak R-production from INF]                                    75/1
Twins [Scott Diamond Ace? Last again,by more games.]     100/1

MVP Candidate from AL Central: Miguel Cabrera [first back-to-back Triple Crown?]
Cy Young Candidate from AL Central: Justin Verlander [Run support]

AL West Predicted Standings:                                                                             WORLD SERIES ODDS*

Angels [Hamilton/Pujols/Trout power offense]                                                                 12/1

A’s [P depth, OF depth, +C. Young, Lowrie to 3rd, Grant Green to 2b]                         18/1
Rangers [Lack of Rs from INF, loss of Hamilton, Napoli, Young]                                   12/1
Mariners [Will win “Second Tier” division in runaway]                                                    66/1
Astros [100 Ls or more, pre-5 year plan years]                                                                   200/1

MVP Candidate from AL West: Mike Trout [unless Miggy repeats Triple Crown]
Cy Young Candidate from AL West: Felix Hernandez [peak years now]

* Betvega odds: