May You Live in Interesting Times


There is an ancient Chinese curse that resurfaces periodically. Because of its immediate applicability, one might think it was freshly coined.  “May you live in interesting times.” The adventuresome might not perceive its gravamen, but us gray beards only chuckle and wait for their epiphany that will surely come. Look no further than the beleaguered citizenry of the Red Sox Nation. Of late, we have had our collective spirit elevated to the highest peaks only to have it trampled on by fate’s caprice. Think of 2004 and 2011. Interesting – right, but cursed nonetheless.  It would be nice if things were a little more predictable for a while, but is it a curse?

Feb 25, 2012; Fort Myers FL, USA; Boston Red Sox president chief executive officer Larry Lucchino (left), owner John W. Henry (center), and chairman Thomas Werner (right) hold a press conference prior to spring training at JetBlue Park. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Now we, once again, with the confidence of Sisyphus take on the new season, and let me tell you, this will be one interesting season.  2011 will always be there for the worst-case scenario and 2012 should be documented as a manual for defeat.  Chickengate merely removed the scapegoat. The new broom that didn’t quite get the job done in 2011, so we were forced to watch 2012. So what can we expect from the triumvirate now?

Let’s hope John Henry didn’t buy a polo team. We have enough horses’ asses around us now, thank you.

As a glimmer of hope, for the most part, it seems the team has shed itself of the arrogant, the lame and the dissenters.  Our beloved “idiots” were also casualties as was Theo Epstein with his “brilliance” belatedly sullied by pedestrian decisions made but not uncovered until after his leaving, but then again, who really is concerned about the Cubs.

"Now, the new boy king, Ben Cherington, rumor has it, having passed whatever tests the triumvirate set before him, promises to put his imprimatur on things."

First and foremost, without a dissenting vote from the masses for a new manager, John Farrell as the new manager, breathes quiet efficiency and confidence into the atmosphere, something sorely lacking in the immediate past.  Cherington did well with his first opening shot. Farrell  does not have the invention of the wrap sandwich on his resume, but he does have success and competence. But is he the savior we expect?

His sober demand of professionalism brings hope of an adult at the helm, but where does that leave us? Trainergate is upon us. That consummate crybaby Jonathan Papelbon has joined in the chorus and the circle of finger pointers increases in tempo and volume.  So what else is new? We seem to thrive on that.  But must we promulgate a self-fulfilling prophecy? I think not, but we must have patience.

Caroline has lost some of her past sweetness and the Green Monster molders. But we, the Nation’s core, we who burn with a white-hot gem-like flame, must keep the faith.  The once foundering ship has just left dry dock. She is sound and well managed. Let her gain her once and future greatness at her pace, not tomorrow as is presently demanded. We have a strong, proud, history with long faithful, albeit grousing, followers.  Don’t worry folks. It’s going to be all right, yes – and interesting. That ancient anonymous Chinese pessimist has never been to Fenway.