Jays Pulling Trigger on Blockbuster Deal Feels So Old School Red Sox


If the deal goes down, Jose Reyes and a five teammates are moving from sunny Florida to the Great White North. Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

In the end, it was irresistible – like candy in a candy store to a six year-old. You know it’s eventually gonna make you sick but you just can’t help yourself. Must…have…sweet..sweet…revenge.

Today the Toronto Blue Jays reportedly dove into the world of Fireballs (pitcher Josh Johnson), Good & Plentys (pitcher Mark Buehrle), Twizzlers (shortstop Jose Reyes), Gobstoppers (catcher John Buck) and Saf-T-Pops (utility infielder Emilio Bonifacio) in a mammoth 12 player deal with the Florida Marlins. The deal isn’t done – physicals are pending – but with the move the Blue Jays are clearly signaling in one felled swoop that they’re sick and tired of finishing at or near the bottom of the AL East.

"At least this much can be said. If the deal goes down the Blue Jays will either become instant contenders or they’ll get to wring their hands raw all at once."

In return it is reported that  Marlins will get at least seven players: shortstop Yunel Escobar, right-hander Henderson Alvarez, Cuban prospect Adeiny Hechavarria, outfield prospect Jake Marisnick, pitching prospects Anthony Desclafani and Justin Nicolino, and veteran backup catcher Jeff Mathis.

The $153 million roll of the dice is reminiscent of Red Sox deals of late with one very distinct exception; the Blue Jays are doing it all in one orgiastic move. It took Boston five years to bring Daisuke Matsuzaka, Carl Crawford, John Lackey and Adrian Gonzalez to Boston.

After having suffered through the Red Sox high rolling, underperforming years I’m just as content to let another team walk the razor’s edge.

You’d gamble or give anything
To be in with the better half
But how many friends must I have
To begin with to make you laugh

Will you still have a song to sing
When the razor boy comes
And take your fancy things away
Will you still be singing it
On that cold and windy day
– Razor Boy, Steeley Dan