Management Morons…time for the fans to buy the Red Sox


We call “horseshit” on the Fenway Brain Truss [Larry, John & Benny] for the way they are “managing” the Boston Red Sox franchise. Isn’t it way past time that the citizens of Red Sox Nation buy the team from these management morons?

Imagine your place of business; you are a middle manager, or supervisor, and you just learned that a group of worker bees is meeting with the President, VP, and Head of HR to complain about you.

Of course you are pissed that they didn’t first meet with you, their supervisor, the next person up the flow chart, to air out their concerns.

We’ve been on both sides of the Management/employee table and we’ve belonged to at least four unions and we believe we can call “horseshit” here with the Red Sox Management.

OK, Bud, John, Larry, and Ben, get your pencils ready…

1.  Under the MLBPA contracts, the players have an official representative [shop steward] on each team.

2.  The team union representative should meet with any players who have concerns and take notes.

3.  The Player rep. then schedules a meeting with the Management morons and the Field manager.

4.  The Player rep. calmly lays out the concerns of his constituents.

5.  Management and the Field manager listen attentively and take notes; they do not argue; they ask clarification questions; they thank the Player rep. for the presentation and agree to meet again with their response.

6.  Management meets without the Field manager and develops a response and recommendations.

7.  Management meets with the Field manager to review their draft and consider his points.

8.  Management tells the Field manager if/how they will modify the draft.  The Field manager has to option to resign or not.

9.  Management and the Field manager meet with the Player rep. to present their findings and recommendations.  There is an opportunity to make adjustments at this meeting.

10.  As a result of any modifications to the draft, The Field manager has to option to resign or not.

11. The Player rep. meets with the players and reviews the outcome of the meeting with Management and the Field manager.  Players who are still not satisfied can meet with a MLBPA attorney to review their options for a protest/grievance.

What you don’t do is allow every Tom, Dick, and Lackey, who have a gripe, to meet with the Management without [their boss] the Field manager.  If some spoiled player with a bitch doesn’t have the balls to show up for a meeting, no problem; his Player Rep. will present his gripe, but the accuser will not be identified.

GM Ben, you would have a right to be pissed, if your subordinate, the Field manager, went “over your head” to the CEO or the Owner.

CEO Lucchino, you would have a right to be pissed, if your subordinate, the GM, went “over your head” to the Owner.

Field manager Valentine, you would have a right to be pissed, if your subordinates, the players, went “over your head” to the GM, CEO or the Owner.

A general rule of management is to resolve concerns at the lowest level on the flow chart possible.

MLB players are unionized and there is a contract and rules to follow by the players and by management.

This why we said that the Management gets a FAIL and must sell the team to the fans.


"Red Sox Nation:  “Take it easy, but TAKE it!”  –Woody Guthrie"