Don’t Pray for Miracle Trade Today…Or Playoffs this year…How many more “sold-out” fans?


Keep you expectations at, or below, sea level about Red Sox trades—there won’t be any.

[OK, maybe some insignificant trade, but not one that will put the Sox in the Playoffs this season.]


"Red Sox get Craig Breslow for Matt Albers and Scott Podsednik"

"— JIM BOWDEN (@JimBowdenESPNxm) July 31, 2012CHECK!"

Although GM Ben, in his maiden year at the helm, wants to deny that “it’s over” for his team so soon, the Fenway Brain Truss [J.H. & L.L.] have decided that they are not willing to pay out profits or prospects for the remote chance that the team might grab a Wild Card slot, which now only guarantees a “one-and-done” scenario.

Unless the Sox are willing to pay at least half of Beckett’s remaining salary for 2012 [@ $4 million], why would any team want to be “handed a wet bag of garbage”?

Beckett wants out bad, but his passive-aggressive, adolescent behavior since spring training and lousy record, now makes his wish impossible; he has himself to blame. Ben signed Beckett and The Nosher-Josher will hang around Ben’s neck, like a rotting chicken carcass, for the rest of the season. He will have a losing record, a high ERA and WHIP and make himself even less appealing to other teams for 2013.

At best, Ben may be able to deal Shoppach to the Nats, Brewers, Rays or Marlins.  Sweeney may go to a contending team looking for a 5th OF with a good glove, decent average and zero power. Or, maybe they would prefer Cody Ross, average glove, lower BA, some power?

"But, don’t expect the return on these trades to send the Sox into the post-season."

With even  Billy’s Magic Beanes’ team in the Wild Card hunt, GM Ben can only surrender, suffer the shank of the season, take his cow home for the winter, and darn his Sox.

Today, the only worry for the Fenway Brain Truss [J.H. & L.L.], is whether the Fenway Faithfull will continue the string of consecutive “sold-out” crowds.

So, Red Sox fan:

‘You’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel “sold-out”?’