Poll Results: Cherington Failed on Youkilis Trade


I found it fitting that as the trade deadline is only four days away we look back at one of the major deals the Red Sox have already made this year; Kevin Youkilis to the White Sox.  Shortly after the deal was made we asked you the reader how you would grade the deal that saw the Red Sox rookie GM, Ben Cherington make his first bold deal and trade away a fan favorite in Youkilis.

The results are in and have been calculated.  Based on 568 total votes, Red Sox Nation gave Cherington a failing grade on the deal that saw the Red Sox receive Zach Stewart and Brent Lillibridge, who is no longer in Boston.

There were four options to choose from when voting and 34% (192 votes) were cast for “Fail – could have gotten more for Youkilis” while the second place option, pulling in 31% of the votes was “Fail – should have never traded Youkilis.”

Of the remaining votes, 28% believed that Cherington deserved a passing grade while feeling the compensation was acceptable but not great and just 7% of the voters felt that the deal was the best possible outcome available.

The results never really changed when Will Middlebrooks was hurt.  Red Sox fans appeared to be upset with the deal right from the start and it showed in the final results. Of course it didn’t help matters when Youkilis went to the windy city and started raking at the plate.

The Sox could be busy over the next four days or they could remain fairly quiet.  Either way I’m sure we will have plenty to say about Cherington and the moves that he makes or doesn’t make.

As always, thanks for voting and be sure to check out our latest poll, asking if you think the Red Sox should fire Bobby Valentine.