Watching a Red Sox Game Over Erectile Treatment Results in Law Suit


It’s the kind of headline you have to read over and make sure you read it right.  After taking a second look, yes, indeed a man is suing a hospital for not treating his “painful erection” until the Red Sox game was over.

Mikaela Conley of ABC news has the story that bus driver Daren Scott is suing Yale-New Haven Hospital for $2 million dollars in damages for the nurses and doctors not treating his erection condition or priapism as its known in the medical world.  Scott claims the hospital staff, doctors included, were watching the end of a Red Sox game before attending to his condition, which he said was quite painful.

According to the Associated Press, Scott suffers from priapism, a rare disorder that makes the ‘male member’ stay hard for more than four hours.  Scott was driving his bus route from Boston to New York when the “attack” came on forcing him to check in to the stated hospital.  It was then he was told to wait in the waiting room while the staff resumed watching the Sox game.

Scott further claims that he had to wait five hours before being treated and that surgery was necessary but did not resolve the matter as he was in pain for months following the procedure.

Yale-New Haven hospital has denied the allegations and will defend it’s position in court according to a hospital spokesperson.

Sounds to me like Mr. Scott is maybe a little “hard up” for cash or maybe he was wearing a Yankees hat?