Ten Things we have Learned about Red Sox so far.


With the second month of the season coming to a close.  I thought I would look back at the ten things that define this team right now.

10.  Will Middlebrooks is the real deal and here to stay.  Can you say goodbye Youk?

9.  The walk is the Red Sox pitchers biggest downfall.  Seems like every time they allow a walk a run is soon to follow.

8.  Jarrod Saltalamacchia has transformed into one of the elite catchers in the American league.  Matt Wieters is the best, but if Salty could just throw out more base stealers he would surpass the Orioles catcher.

7.  Big Papi is the leader of this team.  On and off the field.  Sorry Pedey, don’t expect to get that “C” on your jersey anytime soon.  As long as Ortiz is on this team, he is the leader but shouldn’t be the Captain.

6.  Alfredo Aceves is no Jonathan Papelbon, but coming into his own.  Aceves seems to give that heart attack moment almost every outing but he gets the job done more often than not.  If memory serves me right, Papelbon’s last few years were very similar.

5.  The bullpen can survive without Daniel Bard.  Would Bard in the setup or closer role be more beneficial to the team?  Looked that way when the season started but you don’t hear much chatter about it anymore.

4.  Jon Lester is not an Ace.  In fact, he probably shouldn’t be the number one starter on the team.  The one thing this Sox team lacks is an Ace.  Josh Beckett shows glimpses every once in awhile but still not reliable enough at this point.

3.  This team is more fun to watch when players like Daniel Nava and Middlebrooks are in the lineup.  Carl Crawford?  Does anyone even care if he comes back this year or not?

2.  Josh Reddick is sorely missed.  All off season all I read or heard is how the Sox should trade Reddick.  In hindsight, is anyone really glad we did?  Reddick leads his team in almost every offensive category and he has two more homers than Big Papi.  He could have provided the power that Adrian Gonzalez isn’t. How many saves does Andrew Bailey have this year?  Guess which team made out it in the trade?

1.  Best highlight of the year?  You pick, Jarrod Saltalamacchia walk off homer or Daniel Nava drilling a 100 mph fastball from Justin Verlander into the corner with the bases loaded, two outs and a 3-2 count?

I heard something on the radio today that made me go Hmmmmm.  The Red Sox are the best last place team in all of baseball.  How true that really is.