I Love it When You Call Me Big Papi


To all the haters in the place
That lack style and grace
Allow me to lace some lyrical knowledge
Take you to college
Who rocks homers and RBI’s for Red Sox fan’s
David Ortiz, holding meetings like a man.
I love it when they call him Big Papi
(Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

David Ortiz, possibly saying what we all wish we could to the Red Sox in a private meeting and there is media backlash. Did he really owe the media any explanation? Yet everywhere I read today it is mostly article after article of Big Papi bashing. Well for once, I am not going to do that. Lets take a look at how his words got misconstrued in my very humble opinion.

In a report from ESPN Boston David Ortiz said “What they call leaders is not what a leader is all about,” he said. “They need to go to the dictionary and find out what the word ‘leader’ means. You know what I’m saying? The leaders they call leaders are the ones who get in front of the crowd and try to lead them. But that’s not the case here.
“I’m the kind of [expletive] who worries about winning games. I’m a winner. I hate losing. But what I do, I don’t do for everybody to know. I do it for us to get better, and the trash talking out there to stop.”
First of all, I took the liberty of going to Urban Dictionary to define leader. It appears as follows: “some one who has the ability to inspire others to achieve tasks and goals that they might not other wise be capable of reaching.” What exactly is the problem with him having a private come to Jesus meeting within the clubhouse? I wish I could have done it myself, but I am thankful he did. He did not want to humiliate anyone in front of the media. That’s why it was a private meeting. He also very clearly says he wanted the “trash talking out there to stop”. Believe me if you read any articles after any Red Sox game the media is full of trash talking, that is not even me taking into consideration Bobby Valentines self destructive ways. Ortiz is right, if they get better and play better, what will anyone have to talk trash about?
Next Ortiz said, “I don’t get no respect,” he said. “Not from the media. Not from the front office. What I do is never the right thing. It’s always hiding, for somebody to find out.” Let me explain this better for everyone who thinks he is being a cry baby. I think he meant it matter of factly. We do not get to see what happens with him and front office. Period. We don’t know what he goes through with them. And while I don’t think the media is ever hard on him the one time he steps up and tries to do something good he gets a headline reading”Felger & Mazz: Ortiz Steps Up At Team Meeting — What Took So Long?” http://boston.cbslocal.com/2012/05/21/felger-mazz-ortiz-steps-up-at-team-meeting-what-took-so-long/. I would feel a little upset about that article too. Especially if I was trying to do the right thing for my team. The media hasn’t been after him specifically but there has been media about whats happening in the clubhouse, arguments between managers and players and front office and all other kinds of incidents that are flat out lacking respect for the Red Sox players as a whole. And I think this is the point of what he was saying. Not having a pity party for himself. He was shocked to find out that news of his secret meeting got leaked and he responded with the same HUMAN frustration we all would after a question of “Who told you about that meeting?”
Give Ortiz a break America. Stop with all the hating and let the Red Sox enjoy some much deserved and needed wins. Understand, Ortiz did not ask to be called a leader, he just had enough. We had all had enough. So back off! No one wants to step up in Boston because as soon as they do someone sweeps their legs out from underneath them. David Ortiz got fed up and mad and had a meeting to tell his team they are better than what they are playing like. Thank God he did. Even if it was late, I am a Boston fan and I know better than any media when it comes to any Boston team, it is always better late than never.